NZSL - New Zealand Sign Language - is the official sign language of New Zealand used between and with people who are deaf. It is a language in its own right and it is not possible to sign NZSL at the same time as speaking English. NZSL has its own grammar, and the order in which you sign words may be different from the order in which you might say the same thing in English. Sign Supported English (SSE) is a method of using NZSL (or other) signs at the same time as speaking English.

NZSL is closely related to BSL and other BANZSL sign languages.

If a sign is tagged on this site as being present in NZSL, this means that the manual part of the sign appears to be present in at least one dialect of NZSL - however it might not be the most common way that NZSL users might express the English word/meaning associated with it here. If you are looking for NZSL signs, you will probably find a site like more useful.